Buying-Selling Contracts

Buying property in Greece

Buying a property in Greece, is one of the most important financial decision you will have to make. We are here to ensure that you get the best service and support in this process.

We provide an all round service which allows you to be abroad and us doing everything for you in Greece.

Our services which includes:

  • Discussing with the Real Estate Agency regarding the deal and agreement made for the sale.
  • Drafting, negotiating with the seller and signing on your behalf a pre-contract with the seller with the terms of when and how the final contract will take place.
  • Issuing you with a tax number and allocating you an accountant who will be dealing with declaring the property after it becomes yours on the tax system.
  • Opening a bank account in your name.
  • Issuing you with all the necessary legal documents that are required for the contract.
  •  Shadowing all the necessary paperwork from the seller in order to make sure that they are correctly brought to the public notary, who will sign the final contract.
  • In Greece the final sale contract is not done just between lawyers. The law requires an independent third party, who is a public servant and this is the public notary.
    Therefore: Drafting the final contract with the public notary and agreeing the final terms with the seller.
  • Preparing the paperwork and paying the pre-required property transfer tax to the Government.
  • Issuing bank cheques for paying the seller, the public notary, the Registration office on the day of the final contract.
  • Signing on your behalf the final contract.
  • Registering the final contract at the relevant Registration office.
  • Getting copies of the final contract.
  • Giving a copy to your accountant in Greece who needs to declare the property on your tax ID.
  • Sending/Submitting you copies of the final contract and payments made.