Our Law office in Paros gives  you the freedom to travel around Europe by issuing you with a Golden Visa.

Paros is one of the few Greek islands that is and will stay qualified for a €250,000 euros investment in order to get a Golden Visa, while most other areas in Greece have a minimum investment requirement of 500.000€.

The fact that Paros has one of the lowest thresholds in the country for investments with just €250,000 spent on real estate, in combination with the fact that Paros has a lot of great options for Real Estate investments makes it a unique property investment opportunity for those of you looking to get a Golden Visa.

We apply for a residence permit, through a Power of Attorney, without you having to enter the country first.

Through our legal services we have been successfully issuing applicants with Golden Visas even in the most difficult of cases and we have great experience in offering you Golden Visas issuing services with one of the fastest residency acquisition procedures.