Land Registry / Cadastral

LAND REGISTRY/Cadastral in Paros

This is one of our areas of expertise due to our office work in Thessaloniki, whereby the National Land Registry was implemented long time before Paros and Cyclades.

Registering your property on the Greek National Land Registry is mandatory and the process needs to be done corretly in order to avoid future correction applications, Court processes and expenses.

Since we are specialised in this field and we can undertake the task to register accurately and efficiently your property on the Greek National Land Registry.

In case there is a faulty initial registration, our offices specialise in applying for its correction either to the Land Registry Principal Office or through the Greek Courts.


What to be careful when registering your property on the Greek National Land Registry/Cadastral:

  • Registering your property requires LEGAL knowledge.
  • Professionals from other fields (e.g. accountants, realtors, financial advisors) may suggest that they know how to register your property on the Land Registry/Cadastral database. However knowing how to upload information on the National System does not make someone an expert in the field. This is not just a process of uploading information, but rather a process of interpreting contracts correctly, applying contract laws and understanding legalisation processes in order to register the correct information. All this knowledge is part only of a Legal Profession and background.
  • Anyone can upload information for you on the National Land Registry System and you will  not know now, if they have done it correctly, at this initial stage of applications. The issues and problems will be shown after the Cadastral is closed. After that stage you will need a Lawyer to fix the wrong/faulty initial application for you and in some cases you will need to apply to the Greek Courts for a Court decision ordering the Land Registry to correct the problem. This means big costs and worries for you.
  • The properties that will not be declared on the National Land Registry/Cadastral within the fist deadline will be subject to a penalty when declared out of date.
  • The properties that will not be declared within the timeline that the Land Registry is open for registrations, will go to the Greek State. This means that they will be owned by the Greek State and you will only be able to ask for compensation through the Courts and not for you property back.