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The Law Office “dkr-law” is based in Paros and Thessaloniki and operates in all the islands of the Cyclades, mainly in: Paros, Syros, Naxos & Mykonos.

The Law Offices “dkr-law” are governed by the Bar Code and the heads of the Offices, Lawyer Dimitra P. Koutourousiou and Lawyer Paraskeva Ch. Koutourousios are registered in the Registers of the Bar Association of Syros with ΑΜ 174 and Thessaloniki respectively.

We work with professionals from different fields (accountants, certified appraisers, mechanical engineers, architects and notaries) in order to provide you with high-level services of high quality, which will allow you to achieve the desired result and resolve any differences. in the most efficient, cost-effective and fast way.

The Lawyer and head of the office based in Paros, Mrs. Dimitra Koutourousiou is a graduate of the British University of Bristol, trained in European Law and specializes in the areas of over-indebted households, debt and loan settlement, labor law, rolling stock, commercial and private leases, commercial and private leases, in divorce cases.

The Lawyer and head of the office based in Thessaloniki, Mr. Paraskevas Koutourousios, is a graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has 35 years of experience as a successful Fighting Lawyer in both criminal and civil cases.



Dimitra P. Koutourousiou



 Helen Theocharopoulou

Trainee lawyer


Stavroula Tsolalou