Real estate & Construction

Using our services you can have an all round support in climbing the property ladder by buying an existing or developing your own real estate project (retail and leisure projects as well as houses and flats). Our expert staff can provide you with advice regarding the current property market itself, issue you with real estate evaluations, in accordance with the Royal Institute Charter Surveyor (RICS) standards, secure you with the relevant planning and construction permissions as well as all other certificates that are required in property transactions.

Real Estate Contracts

We work in partnership and close liaison with notary publics (whether they are people of your own choice or our associates) to provide you with the greatest security when signing all types of real estate contracts (these may include buying, selling, letting, or subletting any real estate residential or commercial property as well as donating your property or passing it on by will).

Real Estate Finance

Our expert team can offer co-ordinated, multi-professional advice on taking security over real estate financial transactions. We will support you through negotiations with prospective buyers or sellers, and will promote a secure environment when signing mortgages or being involved with insolvency-related transactions.

Real Estate Tax

The mitigation of tax costs are of crucial importance in every real estate transaction, this is why our office is in a close liaison with tax experts who, through us, can offer discrete real estate tax expertise to our clients.

Planning and Construction

Though our services and associates you can secure planning permissions and negotiate development plans with the constructors you have chosen to develop your project.

If you need an all round package of construction support, our outsourced construction associated team take on complex construction and engineering projects which can vary from commercial offices to complex multi house constructions, while you can benefit from our legal advice on contracts, construction finance and relevant negotiations.

We can also secure you with a development agreement and a construction contract tailored to your needs as well as with the appropriate licensing that will allow you to build your own residential or commercial property.

Real Estate Disputes

Our clients are reassured that we will take on and support them in any case of real estate dispute in court and at arbitration across Greece.

Our advice on disputes in all areas of property litigation gives a clear picture of the pros and cons of each individual case we handle and lays the foundation of a successful resolution to the benefit of our clients.

Whether you are faced with tenant or landlord difficult issues or you have to deal with regulatory issues, neighbour disputes, leases, nuisance claims, rights of waytrespassing concerns, family heritage, we can support you and take you through court trials by proving you with a high standard level of work and the most successful outcome possible.